The archaeological finds of the Lombards

In 1998 the Antiquarium Longobardo museum was set inside the prestigious building called Library of the Monselice Castle. The museum houses a small longobard necropolis coming from the Longobards’ settlement on the Rocca hill of Monselice, where was the Mastio Federiciano built.
The Longobards, a Germanic folk originally from Scandinavia, conquered Monselice in 602 and seized the ancient Byzantine Fortifications under their king Agilulf, as it is written in Paul the Deacon’s “Historia Longobardorum” (History of the Longobards): “… Langobardi castrum Montis Silicis invaserunt…” (The Longobards invaded the stronghold of Monselice).
The necropolis, which can be dated to the first half of the 7th century, is made up of 5 tombs with 7 bodies of Longobar warriors and children and their funerary equipment.

The rich funeral ornaments are represented by a spatha (long sword), a scamasax (dagger), some small knives, an umbo (central boss on a shield) and personal objects as bone combs, silver and metal buckles, belt hanging parts. Anyhow the most interesting archaeological find is certainly a small golden cross decorated with animal interwoven patterns.The Antiquarium

The museum is not currently open to the public due to restoration works.

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