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The top of the Rocca hill is dominated by the imposing Mastio Federiciano, a medieval keep whose construction was ordered by the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia; the 20 m high fortress, erected in 1239 by the Emperor’s deputy Ezzelino da Romano on the ancient tenth century foundation of the Pieve di Santa Giustina, a parish church, is now formed by a truncated pyramid shaped base and a squared building in block of trachyte stone. Originally the keep was provided with a further wooden upper floor too. In the past the Mastio was the heart of a complex defensive structure: a Citadel developed on five circles of defensive walls and whose ancient Fortifications of the sixth century (Byzantine period) are still visible.
Recent excavations and a substantial restoration of the Citadel have unveiled medieval archaeological findings of remarkable interest.

The two-storey Mastio Federiciano houses nowadays an interesting museum, fitted out with the medieval finds as earthenware, metal tools and silver objects dating back from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. On the upper part there’s a beautiful panoramic terrace where the visitors - in sunny and clear days - can have a wonderful sight over the Euganean Hills and the underlying plain up to Venice.