Services and Activities

The Romanesque House (Casa Romanica) is a two-floor building dated from the late eleventh century. The ground floor houses the great medieval kitchen fitted up with furnishings, chests, tables and three-legs chairs in a rustic Venetian style of the fifteenth century. On the walls you can admire a valuable collection of ceramic plates coming from Bassano del Grappa (northern Italy). The kitchen is dominated by the glorious old fireplace, on the cowl it’s set an interesting collection of German brass offering-plates dating from the seventeenth century.

On the upper floor is the great Carrarese Council Hall, refurnished with large fourteenth high-backed chairs coming from region Umbria (Central Italy). In an adjacent smaller room stands out the most ancient “towered” fireplace; in the same room Jacopino Da Carrara, an exponent of the Carraresi noble family of Padua, spent many years of his imprisonment.