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The construction of the first fortifications on the top of the Rocca hill is dated back to the sixth century during the strained relations between the Byzantines and the Longobards.
The Byzantines fortified the top of the hill with two circles of walls equipped with some defensive towers, which encircled the upper part of the Rocca hill. In the following centuries the Citadel was largely improved: so in the thirteenth century the Mastio Federiciano was erected with its impressive mass according to Emperor’s Frederick II will. Throughout the fourteenth century the Da Carrara family of Padua enlarged and strengthened the previous concentric walls system that is still visible nowadays.
Among the several defensive towers we can mention the famous St. George’s keep, now included in the building of Villa Duodo, and a second one, St. Peter’s keep, which was completely destroyed by the stone quarry.

The decline of the defensive stronghold gradually began in the sixteenth century, when the Modern Age followed the Middle Ages. The medieval fortifications didn’t meet the modern military requirements anymore.