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The Torre Ezzeliniana or Ezzelino’s Tower is an imposing keep of the early thirteenth century, erected by Ezzelino III Da Romano. The building still preserves its defensive outline: the ground floor houses the valuable Armoury, fitted out by Count Vittorio Cini in the 30s.

 On the first floor the Marcello noble family from Venice restored the ancient large rooms into a Renaissance flat with four rooms. The rich collection of sideboards, chests and furnishings coming from Tuscany and northern Italy of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries renders the magical atmosphere of the Renaissance time.

Finally, the second floor is divided into three large rooms: the Salone d’Onore (Great Hall) with its red and white chequered frescos on the walls which remind to the fourteenth century Da Carrara noble family of Padua; the Sala della Bifora (Mullioned Window Room) with furnishings in Renaissance style and the Sala del Camino (Fireplace Room) where stands out the most beautiful and impressive “towered” fireplace.